Hey, whaddup! My name is Dane. I love K-pop and Korean/Japanese things~ Come talk to me! :D

Have you ever been with someone for so long or known someone for so long, you start to know what their likes and dislikes are, what makes them happy and what doesn’t, you know how to make them happy. You know their fav music, food, candy. You know their family, siblings, etc. But then one day you two just became complete strangers and you can’t do anything about it? You wanna go back to when things used to be but you can’t? And you like blame yourself for everything that happened? At night when you listen to music, it reminds you of them so you had to delete the music and try to listen to new music but it just doesn’t sound right and you know there’s something went missing and you try to get it back but you know you better off without it?

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It’s like life is so boring, I can’t even.. I wanna travel different places and stuff, meet new people but noooooo life gotta be so boring. I’m either working or going to school, sleep or eat, internet or some more sleep.

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me: i’m gonna study when i get home
me: i’ll just study before i go to bed
me: i’ll just study in the morning
me: i’ll just study on the way to school
me: i’ll just study in this class
me: i’ll just study in the hall
me: i’ll just study before the test
me: i’ll just study during the test

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